Tonino Lamborghini launches its latest designer smartphone, and it's a beauty

Comes at a price though. £4,000 to be exact.

Tonino Lamborghini roared into this year's CES event in Las Vegas to show off its newest hand-crafted designer Android handset, the 88 Tauri smartphone. Tonino Lamborghini has applied the same level of detail and commitment to gorgeous aesthetics that is usually found in Lamborghini cars, with sharp geometric lines, the iconic Raging Bull logo and a high-end leather finish.

The 88 Tauri will come in three different colours; black, gold and steel silver, is finished with top-quality leather available in five colours (black, blue, red, orange and brown). Each device is hand-built and only 1,947 devices in each colour will be created.

The 88 Tauri has been designed to fit in with Tonino Lamborghini's range of luxury accessories that include wristwatches, eye wear and jewellery that sometimes take inspiration from, but should not be confused with, the car manufacturer founded by Tonino's father, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

On the outside the 88 Tauri certainly looks the part, but it also packs some pretty decent specifications as well with a fast quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, a 5-inch full high-definition display, 64GB of storage and a battery that can apparently last up to 1,000 hours in standby mode.

It also comes with two camera, a front-facing 8MP snapper and a main 20MP rear camera with auto-focus, dual LED-flash, face recognition and white balance correction.

The 88 Tauri can handle two SIM cards at the same time, which makes it incredibly useful if you have more than one contract and phones number, and it comes with 13 exclusive ringtones created by DJ Ravin.

It all sounds pretty impressive, though will it be worth £4,000?