Three has a brilliant new SIM-only deal with 8GB of data for less than £10

Unlimited calls and unlimited texts, too

Three SIM-Only Deal 8GB Data
(Image credit: Three)

Three is known for its aggressively competitive unlimited everything SIM-only deals. In fact, the network currently has a half price discount on its unlimited 4G SIM-only deal for the first six months. But those who don't fancy paying more than a tenner will be extremely pleased with the latest offer from Three.

The company is now offering a very generous 8GB of mobile data, as well as unlimited calls and unlimited text messages for just £9 a month. Without dropping to a data allowance around the 3GB to 4GB mark, you'll struggle to find anything cheaper than this on the market right now.

If you're constantly streaming YouTube and Netflix shows on-the-move, downloading albums on 4G, or sharing your internet connection to a laptop to work out of the office, then 8GB should be more than enough to get you through each month.

Three SIM-only deal | 8GB of 4G Data | Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Texts | £9 a month | 12 month contract
If you're already happy with your phone and just need a healthy dollop of 4G data to keep you ticking over each month, it's almost impossible not to recommend this plan. For less than a tenner, Three is offering unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and a generous 8GB of 4G data. That's almost double what else you'll get for this price, meaning it's now our go-to cheap SIM-Only recommendation.View Deal

...and if you want to see how this latest low-cost SIM-only deal from Three lines up against the competition, check out the latest deals and discounts from rivals in the chart below.