Smarty SIM only deals: what is Smarty and are its flexible plans right for you?

Smarty Mobile - a relatively new player in the world of SIM plans offers some great value plans right now.

Smarty Mobile deals
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You might have never heard of it but Smarty Mobile is making waves in the world of SIM only deals right now. Bringing the competition to the big names like EE and Vodafone, Smarty is a choice with a number of stand out features.

The brand has put all of its focus on its flexible contracts, low prices and most importantly some massive data plans. Through a combination of these three factors, Smarty has quickly positioned itself as one of the best value options.

The best Smarty SIM only deals:

What is Smarty and what features does it have?

A brand piggy-backing off the speeds of the Three network, Smarty has exactly the same signal, connectivity and general usability of Three. That obviously won't compete with the likes of EE and its super-fast speeds or Vodafone's Veryme schemes but it is a reliable name to piggyback.

The factor most tempting here is its contract lengths. Like iD Mobile, Voxi and Giffgaff, you're only getting tied in for 1 month at a time with the contract acting on a rolling basis.

This means you can invest in a Smarty SIM and then ditch it straight away if you're not happy with it. Same goes if you see another offer you prefer, simply jump ship and grab a new offer.

Pricing and data caps:
Smarty does a good job of mixing these two factors with everything from 1GB plans through to unlimited. And across those different packages, Smarty also offers some genuinely great pricing, beating out a lot of other brands when it comes to costs.

No credit check:
Worried about credit checks? Smarty doesn't do them. That means you can sign up whether you have a bad credit score or are young and haven't had time to build one up yet.

Unlimited tethering:
You can tether without any limits. That means if you choose a Smarty Unlimited plan, you can connect as many devices to your phones connection as you want and use up said data as much as you want.

Go for a smaller plan, 3GB for example, and you'll be able to tether up to that 3GB - no caps whatsoever.

Money back on unused data:
If you go for one of the smaller plans - 1GB, 2 or 3GB - Smarty allows you to gain money back for unused data. How it works is that each GB equates to a pound, don't use a GB and you get £1 back. 

Smarty Mobile

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Is Smarty Mobile 5G compatible? Like many MVNOs, 5G hasn't yet become a possibility on Smarty and no announcement has been made by the company for when you can see 5G appear. However, it is likely that like many other providers, when they do get it, it will cost the same as 4G.

Do I get access to the benefits of Three?

You are very much limited in how much access you get to Three. Really, all you'll see of Three is its connections and speeds and past that Three and Smarty are completely separate operations.

Smarty has separate roaming plans, different costs and different data plans. However, neither brand has reward schemes right now so you aren't really missing out on too much.

What happens when I go abroad with Smarty?

Great news here, even in a post-Brexit world, you will be able to use your Smarty SIM plan in Europe the same way as you can at home. There are no extra costs, you get full access to your data and unlimited minutes and texts.

Using your plan internationally outside of Europe is a lot different - you can find out more about that here.

Will Smarty let me keep my old number?

Yes. Like all providers, Smarty must offer a text-to-switch feature to make it simple to hold onto your number when you jump over to them. You simply need to get your PAC code from your old provider and text it to Smarty along with a few other details and then voila - it's done!

Is Smarty Mobile any good?

The big question. The answer when a number of factors are taken into account is that yes, Smarty is a strong option when it comes to SIM only deals offering a number of strong factors.

While Three isn't always known for having the best speeds and with that Smarty would be the same, it makes up for that in other areas. The rolling contracts, the giant data plans and the affordability are all great factors.

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