This three-move workout crushes calories and strengthens your body in just 12 minutes

This AMRAP workout from CrossFit athlete Aimee Cringle is short, but spicy

Man performing dumbbell snatch during AMRAP
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Whether you’re time-crunched and in need of a speedy session, or are simply looking for a fiery finisher to add to the end of your workout, this one delivers. This 12-minute AMRAP ensures no muscles are left untouched and will seriously raise your heart rate, firing up your metabolism in the process. You just need a single dumbbell, and we suggest your gym water bottle too, things are about to get sweaty! 

This AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout comes from CrossFit athlete Aimee Cringle and it's a conditioning workout. According to MiraFit: "Body conditioning develops multiple training qualities at once; strength, cardiovascular, endurance, mobility and even power." It's therefore great for improving your overall fitness, raising your heart rate and burning calories, but by throwing some extra resistance into the equation you're going to work your muscles hard too.

For this workout, simply set your timer for 12 minutes and the exercises below for  for as many rounds as you can until the timer stops. Aimee says you should aim to complete the dumbbell exercises unbroken, so opt for a medium weight, and don’t go for anything ridiculously heavy. The final exercise was 40 crossovers so it required a jump rope, so we’ve substituted it for an alternative as advised by Here’s your workout:

  • 8 dumbbell snatches, right arm
  • 8 single arm overhead walking lunges, right arm
  • 8 dumbbell snatches, left arm
  • 8 single arm overhead walking lunges, left arm
  • 10 tuck jumps 

Well done if you got through that, we told you it would be a spicy one. If you fancy more short and speedy sessions like this one, here’s another 12-minute AMRAP, although this one has a more strength focus. If it’s another conditioning-style workout that you’re after, then this 20-minute EMOM workout from CrossFit athlete, Lauren Fisher, is great and there’s no equipment needed either. 

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