This Soak&Sleep memory foam pillow is shredded... and for a very good reason

Soak&Sleep launches new memory foam collections that are more breathable than ever before

Soak&Sleep Shredded Memory Foam pillow
(Image credit: Soak&Sleep)

Soak&Sleep has recently announced two new memory foam collections: the Classic and the Cooling. Depending on your sleep needs, Soak&Sleep’s new ranges offer adaptive support, cosy comfort and more breathability than ever before, and it does so by shredding its memory foam.

Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials on the market today. Springs have almost completely faded into the background or are being included alongside memory foam to create hybrid mattresses. The reason the best memory foam mattresses are so popular is because of the way the foam moulds to the body. While some models might give you that sinking feeling, most memory foam sleep products adapt to your movement to offer cushioning support.

While there are many benefits to memory foam, many people avoid it because it can trap heat, leaving you feeling overly hot and sweaty. To avoid this overheating, Soak&Sleep have introduced shredded memory foam to its new Classic Memory Foam collection.

Compared to traditional memory foam, shredded memory foam is much more breathable. A shredded foam pillow or mattress is made of multiple pieces of foam rather than a dense single piece, that allows air to circulate more freely. Shredding the memory foam also allows hot air to escape and cool air to come in, helping regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

With this in mind, Soak&Sleep have created the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow which can be adjusted to support your head and neck. For more personalised comfort and depth, you can remove some of the filling from the pillow to better suit your sleep style.

Soak&Sleep Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Soak&Sleep)

Other additions to the Classic memory foam collection include a Memory Foam Contour Pillow which has two contour edges at different heights for ergonomic support of the neck and spine. The range also has a memory foam mattress topper and knee pillow.

For the sweatiest of sleepers, Soak&Sleep have also launched its Cooling Memory Foam collection, specifically designed for hot sleepers. Its cooling pillow, mattress topper and mattress are made of memory foam and contain specialist layers of cooling gel for a fresh and cool sleep surface. The pillow also has mesh side panels for increased air flow.

The standout product of the collection is the Cooling Memory Foam Mattress. The combination of memory foam and a blue gel infused memory foam layer offers exceptional temperature control and a fresh cool feel. It has a depth of 22cm, medium-firm support and is great for side sleepers.

The Soak&Sleep Memory Foam collections are available to buy now, with prices starting from as low as £12.

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