This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 killer could finally make foldable phones affordable

The Oppo Find N2 Flip could retail for much less than its foldable competitors

The first render of the Oppo Find N2 Flip in a fetching lilac colour
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

If you're on the hunt for one of the best foldable phones, chances are you'll come across more than one offering from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant has ruled the game with its Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 combo offering the best options, whether you want to fold vertically or horizontally.

But neither of those devices are cheap – not even close! The Flip starts around £1,000, and the Fold will set you back £1,649 for a base model. That's a substantial outlay for anyone, and has contributed to the general air of displeasure surrounding the foldable phone world.

We had hoped that the Motorola Razr might break the curse of high priced foldable phones. To be fair, it did undercut the Samsung, but only by £50 – not exactly the affordable saviour we were hoping for. But now there's a new affordable flip phone coming out that could finally make foldable phones accessible to everyone.

It's called the Oppo Find N2 Flip and it looks like a brilliant device. Most notably, there's a massive front display. Previous flip phones had small external display's which weren't really all that useful. Sure, you could pause or skip tracks on your music player of choice, but anything else just wasn't practical on such a small surface area.

That shouldn't be any issue here though. Popular tech tipster, Ice Universe, has already got hands-on with the device, and has praised the phone for expanding the front display. In a tweet, Ice said, "It is wise to enlarge the external screen. [Users] can watch small videos, play small games, take selfies more conveniently and so on."

Inside, the Find N2 Flip will feature a 4nm chipset – the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ – and a 4,300mAh battery for long life. It features 44W fast charging, too!

But the best bit, by far is the price. Directly converted from list prices in the Far East, the handset retails for around £700. Now, of course, we're all too aware that prices rarely convert directly when making the trip over to the European market, but it's a great place to start from.

I'd like to see the handset retail for around £849 in the UK – that would put it up against slab phones like the Google Pixel 7 Pro. It's a price point which is appealing to many, with decent change from what you'd have shelled out for other, class leading devices.

The Find N2 is set to launch in Europe next year, so we'll have to wait and see if they can manage it.

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