This quirky Samsung Galaxy S23 accessory turns your phone into a DSLR

The Camera Grip Stand add-on makes it even easier to take superb photographs on the Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Camera Grip Stand in use on a Samsung Galaxy S23
(Image credit: Samsung)

Phone photography has never been better than it is right now. A blend of manufacturing partnerships with photography legends and AI-powered computational photography make it easier than ever to snap incredible images without needing a camera.

It's not just a one off either. Most of the best phones on the market today have a camera that is capable of creating stunning imagery. The Google Pixel 7 Pro uses powerful AI-processing to remove grain from zoomed in shots. Elsewhere, the recently released Xiaomi 13 Pro packs a huge one-inch sensor into a camera co-engineered with Leica, while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra uses their in-house Isocell HP2 200MP main sensor for incredible detail.

For those used to a DSLR camera, though, it's not just about image quality. Phones are far more unwieldy, making it less comfortable to hold on longer shoots. Fortunately, Samsung has a solution in the form of an attachable grip mount.

The Camera Grip Stand is an attachment for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Gadget Case – a case with a mount on the back for attaching different devices, and one of the best cases for the Galaxy S23. The Grip Stand is a multi-function add-on. It's primary intended use is as a grip for use when taking photos, with a built-in shutter release on the top for a more traditional photography experience.

However, it can also be folded over into a more central location, with a pop-out tripod stand. That will be useful for longer exposures or night photography, but could also make for a great entertainment station – pop out the legs and you've got hands free viewing.

It can also function as a vertical stand in its' regular right-hand side configuration, thanks to the grippy section. That is shown holding the phone upright, although I'd be slightly more worried about it like that.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea. I recently got the chance to use the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Discovery Edition – a concept phone which allows you to mount a Leica lens onto the camera module for absolutely stunning photography. One of my biggest gripes with that in the concept stage was the unbalanced nature of the unit with the mount attached. It was crying out for something like this, which would make it easier to hold and help with the weight distribution.

You can't mount a professional lens onto the Galaxy S23, but I still see a lot of value in this. It will make it much more comfortable to take photos on longer sessions, and has added value as a stand. Would you keep it on there all the time? Maybe not, but it would be handy for photography lovers to have on hand, just in case.

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