This Prime Day deal on Amazon's Luna Controller is too good to miss

Amazon's cloud gaming service is worth it at this price

Amazon Luna controller
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If you've had the chance to give the Amazon cloud game streaming service, it's a pretty impressive platform if you're someone who just likes to kick back and play for a bit. While game streaming is relatively new due to performance limitations, Amazon has stepped up the quality quite a bit and is offering some of the latest titles with minimal issues overall.

Which is why I'm definitely going to grab the Luna Controller this Prime Day. Aside from the fact that its over 40% off right now and on sale for only $39.99, Amazon's cloud gaming service Luna is darn impressive with a selection of free games to play as well as premium recent releases.

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As someone who is just too cheap to upgrade my gaming PC with the latest tech, this thing offers a cheap alternative that can be used just about anywhere.

Thankfully, prices on GPUs are going down slowly and ZOTAC's RTX 3060 is even on sale during Prime Day (down to just $379.99!), but that's still a bit high for my budget right now. So I figure if I want to go the absolute budget route while still getting the most value for my buck, Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service isn't a bad buy for only $40.

Plus, the good news is the Luna controller isn't just for Amazon's service. In fact, Steam recently released an update that lets you use this thing and in many cases, this controller is super similar to the Xbox controller. A personal favorite of mine if I'm not looking to play too seriously – but a costly option if you're looking to buy a new one.

A new Xbox controller runs a cool $50 – not much more than the Luna controller – but without Amazon's cloud gaming service built-in its not quite worth it right now.

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