This Oral-B electric toothbrush early Amazon Prime Day deal is amazing

Save over £120 with this deal – it is sure to put a smile on your face!

Electric toothbrush deals
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We won't try to tell you again that keeping a high level of dental hygiene is important. We also won't keep on going on about how brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes should be part of your daily routine. You know all this by now.

You might also know that using an electric toothbrush removes twice as much plaque as using a manual one. Agreed, electric toothbrushes might be more expensive than your average toothbrush, but they are also far better for your teeth and your gums – you can read why in our best electric toothbrush and best water flosser guides.

Now, thanks to Amazon, getting a new electric toothbrush has just got cheaper: just check out the amazing electric toothbrush deal below. We went through all the deals to select the best cheap electric toothbrush deal for you. 

The best electric toothbrush deal on Amazon right now:

Oral-B Smart 7 Electric Toothbrush: was £219.99, now £96.99 at Amazon

Oral-B Smart 7 Electric Toothbrush: was £219.99, now £96.99 at Amazon
The Smart 7 brush from Oral-B has all the features you'd want from a new brush (timer and pressure sensor) as well as a sleek handle that improves your brushing habits by connecting with the Oral-B app on your phone.

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