This must-have travel gadget means you’ll never bring the wrong adapter on holiday again

Brought the wrong adapter on holiday? Then this travel gadget will help with your next trip

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While I’m not the biggest jetsetter on the T3 team, I do go on the occasional international work trip and on holiday. But it has happened to me on more than one occasion where I’ve either forgotten to bring the best travel adapter or have brought the wrong one to the wrong country.

There have been too many times that I’ve had to beg the hotel receptionist to lend me an adapter or had to go out and buy one for an extortion price. But I recently found this must-have travel gadget to prevent this from happening again… well, hopefully!

MyTravelPal is a travel charger and adaptor manufacturer that specialises in all-in-one devices that offer multiple charging options in one handy device. With worldwide, universal and European adapters, you can find almost any adapter you need for your next trip.

Whether you’re interrailing, honeymooning or visiting a few countries on the same holiday, having a huge collection of plugs takes up valuable space in your best carry-on luggage. But with the MyTravelPal, you only need one plug, saving you a huge amount of space and worrying about whether you’ve got the right charger or not.

The adapter that I’d most recommend from MyTravelPal is the MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter. The compact and lightweight grounded adapter caters to over 150 countries, including UK, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. The MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter can also charge up to four devices at a time, so you only need to bring one with you rather than multiple adapters for your family or holiday group.


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The MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter is one of the few adapters that’s passed strict regulatory standards, plus it has a ground / earth connection that keeps high powered electrical devices safe. It can be used to recharge multiple devices, like phones, laptops, hair straighteners, and more, making it the perfect travel companion.

The MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter comes with a 10A AC outlet and three smart USB ports, plus you can choose from multiple USB models, depending on your needs. It also has a protection system that will automatically turn it off if it detects anything abnormal.

Another great thing about the MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter is it’s relatively inexpensive, too. Available to buy at MyTravelPal and Amazon, the MyTravelPal Universal Travel Adapter is £34.99, and at time of writing, it’s currently £25.99 (26% off) at MyTravelPal.

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