This is why the Omm Phantom 12 is the best backpack for running

Comes with a 7-point stabilisation system, great looks and no messing

Omm Phantom 12 QH running backpack performance backpack
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There are different requirements for running backpacks compared to regular commuter bags. As much as you don't mind if a messenger bag doesn't follow your body's contour (it would be weird if they did), there aren't a lot of things more annoying than a backpack bouncing up and down on your back during runs. You lose your momentum and pace pretty quickly.

The main reason why the Omm Phantom 12 is in the top spot on our top 10 best running backpacks is the 7-point harness system which helps stabilise the Phantom 12 on any terrain. This 12 litre bag is light and adaptable yet only 250 grams, as light as a feather or, at any rate, not very many feathers.

Is the Omm Phantom 12 the best running backpack?

The Omm Phantom 12 is the best backpack for shorter runs. The 10-12 litre size is the perfect balance between storage and run-friendliness. The Phantom 12 won't  alter your technique massively and it will store all your essential equipment in it just fine.

There are bigger bags available for longer runs, even in the Phantom range, so if you prefer to carry around a spare set of running and/or maybe some camping gear, go for the 20 or 25 litre versions. For everything else, choose the Phantom 12.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest appeal of the Phantom range is the 7-point harness system. There are 4 stabilisation points around the waist area for vertical stability and 2 shock absorbers around the shoulders, with a more robust strap on the top to help the bag align with your spine.

Although the Omm Phantom 12 is hydration bladder compatible, it doesn't actually come with one, which is probably its only downside. it does come with AquaGuard zips, reflective detailing and a vest harness system, though.

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The Phantom 12 has two soft flask pockets and two stash pockets at the front but it manages to look slender and not obtrusive at all. Apart from the huge OMM logo on the front of the bag (there are actually 2 Omm logos on the front) the bag's dark grey colour helps it to blend in and can be used as an everyday commuting bag as well. The orange detailing gives a very slightly quirky edge but this is a serious bit of kit.

Check out the best prices for the Omm Phantom 12 running backpack below.

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