This is the best PSVR deal of 2018: Sony PlayStation VR bundle gets jaw-dropping Black Friday price plunge

If you've been looking to pick up PlayStation VR then your Christmas has just come early…

PSVR deals PlayStation VR Black Friday 2018

This is, by far, the best gaming deal we've seen so far during Black Friday 2018, with Amazon offering a truly excellent PlayStation VR Starter Pack and game bundle for a stupidly low price point.

How low? £179.99 low! Yeah, it's truly ridiculous, with the headset on its own retailing for much of 2018 at closer to £250, so here you're saving going on £70 out of the gate compared to earlier in the year, and that's not even taking into account the game bundled in, either, which is the superb Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Check out the full details of the PSVR deal below:

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Astro Bot Rescue Mission deal at Amazon | now £179.99
Seriously, if you've been waiting to pick up PSVR then now is the absolute right time to strike as this deal is absolutely insane. You get the full PlayStation VR Starter Pack, which includes the headset, camera, and copy of the super fun VR Worlds, as well as Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which is the best game on PlayStation VR. This is going to sell out incredibly quickly, so move NOW if you want to score.View Deal

The PlayStation VR gaming system offers the most accessible, plug-and-play way to enjoy virtual reality, with Sony offering a system that is unmatched in ease of use and gaming ecosystem, with a large library of quality titles now available to play.

Partner the PSVR headset with a PS4 Pro, too, and you get enhanced VR performance, so if you're currently rocking Sony's flagship console then this deal is even more attractive.