This iPhone 13 Black Friday deal is so good I just bought it for myself – don't miss out!

I'd recommend this Sky Mobile iPhone 13 Black Friday deal to anyone – it gets you a fantastic phone for an incredibly low monthly price

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Since the iPhone 13 launched September 2021, I'd always planned the best Black Friday deals bonanza was when I'd pull the trigger on an upgrade, assuming there was a deal to tempt me. And now, thanks to this super-cheap Sky Mobile Black Friday deal, I've truly been tempted.

The thing that really drew me to the Sky Mobile iPhone 13 Black Friday deal is that, one, it delivers the phone for free upfront and, two, it lets you then choose what SIM plan you have with it. This second bit was really important to me as I wanted a lot of 5G data each month.

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I've seen many iPhone 13 deals up to this point get competitive with pricing but then not deliver in terms of data allowance. As someone who likes to stream movies, TV shows and music a lot while travelling and off Wi-Fi, this was a deal breaker. I wanted lots of 5G data to use on my new 5G iPhone 13.

But with this Sky Mobile offer I've been able to buy an iPhone 13 with unlimited calls and texts, as well as 60GB of 5G data, for free upfront and then £42 per month.

I've also been able to choose my color of phone from the full range on offer from Apple and am getting my new iPhone 13 tomorrow thanks to next-day delivery.

iPhone 13: Free upfront, from £27 p/m at Sky Mobile

iPhone 13: Free upfront, from £27 p/m at Sky Mobile
This is the best iPhone 13 Black Friday deal on the market in my opinion, scoring you the handset for nothing upfront and then from £27 per month depending on selected SIM plan. My pick was the 60GB plan, which takes the monthly cost to £42. Full range of colors available and free and fast delivery included.

In T3's iPhone 13 review, T3's Mat Gallagher said that it was "a phone for everyone" and praised its "great screen", "sensible size" and "top performance". We gave the phone a maximum score of 5 stars on review and now recommend it as the best phone for most people.

To see how this iPhone 13 Black Friday deal compares to the rest on the market today be sure to check out the pricing chart below. This chart is super useful as you can filter iPhone 13 deals by upfront cost, monthly cost, network, contract length, coverage and much more besides.

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