This Bell & Ross is the brightest watch you’ll ever lay your eyes on

It'll light your wrist up like a Christmas tree

This Bell & Ross is the brightest watch you’ll ever lay your eyes on
(Image credit: Bell&Ross)

Ever find it tricky reading your watch at night? Well fear no more, because the new BR03-92 Full Lum by Bell & Ross is the brightest watch we’ve ever seen.

Instead of applying lume, also known as luminous phosphorescent glowing solution, to the hands and hour markers, Bell & Ross and covered the entire dial with it.

Inverting the usual look of an illuminated watch, it is the brass dial which glows and the hands and markers which remain dark, making everything even clearer.

(Image credit: Bell&Ross)

Bell & Ross didn’t stop there though, as the watch strap also glows at night thanks to lume pigments being incorporated into the material, which is then hot moulded and pressed into shape.

The dial is coated with a paint made of Super-Luminova C3 luminescent pigments, which Bell & Ross claims are the “most resistant, intense and innovative” variant of lume. The lume is said to have a “very long durability” in the dark.

Only 250 examples of the BR03-92 Full Lum will be produced. Each is powered by a calibre BR-CAL.302 self-winding mechanical movement, and is water resistant to 100 metres. The price is £2,990.

(Image credit: Bell&Ross)

The watch also features a matt black square ceramic case measuring 42mm across, sapphire crystal glass, hour, minute and second hands, and a dial complication between four and five o’clock, and a rubber strap.

If you’d rather the strap didn’t light up like a Christmas tree after sunset, the watch also comes with a regular black fabric strap - but the face will still light up brilliantly.

Bell & Ross is best known for producing Swiss-made watches inspired by the analogue instruments of military aircraft. Most of its timepieces feature square cases and large, clear markings with few other complications.

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