This Apple Watch Ultra case is cuckoo bananas expensive

Can you justify spending $799 on a case for a $799 watch?

Golden Concept Racing Sport Ultra Apple Watch case
(Image credit: Golden Concept)

If you've just dropped $799 / £849 on an Apple Watch Ultra, Golden Concept would like you to spend the same again on a protective case for it. The Golden Concept Racing Sport Ultra range promises not just to protect your Ultra but to make it easier to operate in extreme conditions too.

The case comes in multiple colour options – black, yellow, green and orange – and provides extra impact protection, swappable fluoroelastomer straps and more layers on the Digital Crown to make it easier to grip even if you're wearing gloves. Both the Home and Action buttons have been raised too so they're easier to press.

Statement straps for every kind of Apple Watch

Given how tough the Apple Watch Ultra is, the idea of putting it in a case may seem a bit unnecessary – but then luxury items aren't really about practicality, or nobody would buy the Apple Watch Hermés for four times the price of the standard model. And these cases certainly make a statement.

If you're looking for a statement case for other Apple Watch models, the Swedish luxury brand can help you with that too: for example its Gold Carbon Racing Sport Collection is made of carbon composite with gold flakes and black titanium. Limited to 9999 pieces worldwide, it's available for the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 8. It's yours for $1,899.

I'm clearly not the target market for these cases, but if you're a luxury watch buyer who wants to have something visibly different from everybody else, or if you're stuck for present ideas for the Kardashians, then there's no doubt that these designs offer exactly that. And it's probably safe to say that unlike the cheap Apple Watch cases I've tried in the past, they won't pop off if you so much as look at them funny.

Carrie Marshall

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