This Amazon Eero smart home deal is a brilliant buy for streaming and gaming

Grab one of the best mesh network systems for cheap now over at Amazon

Amazon Eero 6 smart home mesh wi-fi system being plugged in by man in grey jumper
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The Amazon Prime Day Early Access sales event is about to start, and as Amazon likes to do it's already reduced the price of some of its own brands in advance of the main event. And while I'm the first to recommend being cynical about how good some deals actually are, the discounts on Amazon's Eero Wi-Fi 6 routers are genuinely good.

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Eero routers are mesh routers, so you can combine multiple ones to eliminate dead spots and cover huge areas. They're also incredibly fast, so even a single one is a big upgrade to most existing routers. If you want to upgrade your home Wi-Fi for smoother streaming, faster gaming, better coverage and support for more smart home kit than you could ever need, these are seriously good value buys.

Amazon is discounting all of its Eero models, but my recommendation would be the Eero 6 Pro. That's down 45% from £209 to £114 (opens in new tab), and that's good for up to 190 square metres – more than big enough for those of us who live in flats. If you happen to live in somewhere bigger, such as a mansion, multipacks are down 45% too: a two-pack is currently £231 for 380 square metres of coverage, and the 560-square-metre 3-pack is £307.

Why go for the Eero 6 Pro?

There are five different models in the Eero range: the Eero, the Eero 6, the Eero 6+, the Eero Pro 6 and the Eero 6E Pro. All but the standard Eero offer fast Wi-Fi 6 with backwards compatibility, but the Pro versions are tri-band rather than dual-band for better speeds, range and coverage and their Ethernet ports support gigabit speeds. They're also Zigbee home hubs, enabling you to connect smart home kit without requiring additional bridges or hub hardware.

We currently list the Eero 6 in our best mesh Wi-Fi guide, and the Amazon reviews of the Eero Pro 6 are glowing, with one caveat: the price. Before discounting the Eeros were pretty expensive, especially for larger homes that might require multiple units. But with 45% off that's a game-changing discount – and the spec of the Eero means it'll be up to date for many years to come.

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