This Amazon AirPods Pro deal is as good as Black Friday

Get a whopping 22% off Apple's best wireless earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro Amazon deal
(Image credit: Apple)

The AirPods Pro are Apple's best wireless earbuds, and in Amazon's Boxing Day sales you can save 22%: while AirPods are normally £239, you can get yours right now for just £187. That's almost as low as on Black Friday, when the price briefly dropped to £185, and it's £2 cheaper than in other big retailers' Boxing Day sales.

Apple AirPods Pro: was £239, now £187 on Amazon UK

If you've been hanging on for Apple AirPods Pro price drops, it doesn't look like the price is going to go much lower at any of the big brands' online shops, and Apple is continuing to sell them at full price.

It's a good time to go Pro

In our Apple AirPods Pro review we loved the AirPods Pros' iphone-specific features and their seamless switching between Apple devices; we also loved the sound and the noise cancelling. We also noted that "they're an excellent package, especially with money off." Today's deal is saving you £52, which is definitely in the "excellent" category.

Apple AirPods Pro: was £239, now £187 on Amazon UK

Apple AirPods Pro: was £239, now £187 on Amazon UK

These are Apple's very best wireless earbuds, delivering spectacular sound, great Apple-centred features and the noise cancelling you don't get in the standard AirPods. With £52 off they're a great buy.

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