These leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 photos look absolutely gorgeous

More promotional photos have leaked in advance of the Samsung Unwrapped and Galaxy S23 launch

Samsung Galaxy S23 promotional photo
(Image credit: EVLeaks / Samsung)

Another day, another set of Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks – and this time they're particularly flattering ones. Some official promotional shots of the new Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra, likely to be among the best phones of 2023, have come to light via noted leaker Evan Blass on Twitter. Unsurprisingly enough they make the phones look fantastic.

The images show each model in its hero colour, which is the colour you'll see in most of the official marketing. That means Misty Lilac for the Galaxy S23+, Botanic Green for the S23 Ultra and Cotton Flower for the standard S23. I think they look great in these colours: interesting without being overly flashy.

What are the key differences between the different Galaxy S23 models?

As you can see there's a strong family resemblance between the models, but there are some crucial differences. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a much more powerful 200MP camera compared to the 50MP of the other two models, and the photos show that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is less curved at the corners.

Inside, all three are expected to have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 system on a chip in a special Optimised for Galaxy variant, and all three should have a 120Hz dynamic OLED display with 1,750 nits peak brightness. Batteries range from 3,900mAh in the S23 to 5,000mAh in the Ultra.

Prices haven't been announced just yet but we expect US prices to be broadly similar to the S22 range; the strong dollar means that may be the exception, with prices going up slightly in Europe and Australia.

We're expecting Samsung to open pre-orders on the 1 February, the day of the Samsung Unwrapped event, and in the US you can reserve your spot in advance and get $50 credit for the Samsung Store.

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