These iOS 12 clues reveal what the next iPhone X and iPad could bring

More iPhones, an iPad X redesign, Dark Mode and more are incoming

iOS 12

Apple has rolled out its new iOS 12 beta to anyone that wants to test it and a few clues have been left for what we can expect to appear in the new 2018 iPhone X and iPads.

The iOS 12 beta can be installed on current iPhones and iPads for anyone who has signed up to the bata program. As such the OS can be tried months before the final release which is expected to launch alongside the new generation of iPhones and iPads. There are plenty of clues that have already been spotted.

Memoji takes up a major part of iOS 12. Since this is a feature that uses the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X to adapt the cartoon faces to mirror the real-world person's face, only that one iPhone X can currently use this. That adds more weight to the already heavy rumours that suggest we'll be getting more iPhone X style iPhones later this year.

The iPad may get a redesign to look like the bezel-free iPhone X, complete with top-notch too. The Control Center and status bar in iOS 12 are clues, having moved to the top right now, just like on the iPhone X in order to avoid the notch. 

Apple appears to be working on a Dark Mode, as found in macOS Mojave, for iOS 12. This can be seen in the default Stocks app and suggests Apple is already trying out the light and dark mode options for the final iOS 12.

AR glasses could be incoming too as the Measure app, which uses the camera to measure real-world objects, is now standard on iOS 12. Could this be Apple getting people used to AR ahead of its glasses release? We're not holding our breath, but maybe.

If you want to try out iOS 12 beta right now simply head over to the Apple Beta Software Program, sign-up, back-up your device, and install.

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