These are my favorite last-minute kitchen deals for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day ends soon, so here are the best last-minute kitchen deals for non-stop cuppas all day long

These are my favorite last-minute kitchen deals for Amazon Prime day
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One kitchen staple that has survived the test of time is the kettle. It's a true bastion of civility, owing in large part to the kettle's innate ability to put people at ease through the simple invitation to receive a cup of tea. Though it may have evolved into different shapes and sizes, with some now even boasting smart features, we can be fairly sure where we stand with the old kitchen kettle. We're now approaching the end of the best Prime Day deals after nearly two days of non-stop deals mayhem. It's been a journey — and there's still some time left to grab big savings for the ardent brew-makers amongst us. 

Indeed, buried amongst these deals, you can still find some great savings to be had on ye olde trusted kitchen kettle. That's why we've whittled down the remaining Prime Day kettle deals to only the best of the rest. Below, you'll find a personal selection of savings on my favorite Amazon Prime Day kettles as things draw to a close. You'll need to be quick, though, as these sales end tonight at 11.59 pm, Tuesday, June 22, and can sell out before then. 

Prime Day deals on kettles

Tower Bottega T10020 Rapid Boil Kettle| Was: £69.99 | Now: £34.99 | Saving: £35.00

Tower Bottega T10020 Rapid Boil Kettle | Was: £69.99 | Now: £34.99 | Saving: £35.00
Stylish and oozing an unusual charm, the Tower Bottega T10020 is a statement piece for your kitchen top. We're particularly fond of the old-style thermometer feature, which displays the temperature of the water as the kettle boils. The black and rose gold version is particularly smart, and it has a fantastic discount this Amazon Prime Day.

Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle  | Was: £51.99 | Now: £34.59 | Saving: £17.40

Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle  | Was: £51.99 | Now: £34.59 | Saving: £17.40
This Morphy Richards Vector Pyramid Kettle is striking and packs performance, too. It boils fast, heats water quietly and looks great in any kitchen. For us, it's the 3D patterned glossy plastic combined with the stainless steel trims — something that means it can work in a variety of different kitchen styles from modern to classic. 

Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Kettle| Was: £34.99 | Now: £24.99 | Saving: £15.00

Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Kettle | Was: £34.99 | Now: £24.99 | Saving: £15.00
Quenching your thirst with multiple cuppas a day demands a kettle that can boil enough water to keep pace with your insatiable love of tea. The Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle could be the ideal fit if this need for a quick boil sounds familiar. It boasts the ability to boil one cup of water in 45 seconds, alongside bags of energy-saving tricks. Right now, you can save £15 before Amazon Prime Day draws to a close. Be quick. 

Dualit Classic Kettle | Was: £145.99 | Now: £126.11 | Saving: £19.88

Dualit Classic Kettle | Was: £145.99 | Now: £126.11 | Saving: £19.88
If you really fancy pushing the boat out and upgrading your kettle game to new and lofty heights, then look no further than the Dualit Classic. With a tough stainless steel body and replacement element, this purchase is all about longevity. You'll also find quick boiling times and Dualit's patented Whisper Boil technology that reduces the noise of the kettle when it's boiling. 

Breville Impressions Electric Kettle | Was: £43.99 | Now: £29.00 | Saving: £14.99

Breville Impressions Electric Kettle | Was: £43.99 | Now: £29.00 | Saving: £14.99
This is a real statement kettle, largely owing to its uniquely designed body that has ridges running up the sides of its body. It comes in a bunch of colorways, which means you can pair one of these Breville Impressions brew-makers with your kitchen decor. It's also very reasonably priced thanks to Amazon Prime Day, letting you save £15 on the original price.   

Amazon Prime Day alternative sales – UK

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