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Have you ever wondered what the most popular watch brand is? Maybe you're an ardent Rolex fan boy trying to argue your case in the pub, or maybe you think it's Omega because of its connection with James Bond and space travel. I know I've always wondered what the most popular brand is -- well know we have the answer.

Creative resource Design Bundles analysed Google search data for watch brands to reveal which ones are searched the most globally per month. A list of watch brand names was combined with the terms “watches”, “watch”, “watches for men”, and “watches for women”, then added together to reveal the overall number of searches each brand receives. 

It's worth pointing out these aren't the best watches, but they are the most popular, generating the most interest online.

If you guessed a traditional watch brand like Swatch or Rolex then you'd be wrong -- Apple takes the top spot on the list with an average of 8,875,500 Google searches per month. The search term “apple watch” accounts for 8,810,000 of the total search volume. 

Of course, Apple makes the best smartwatch around, and the latest Apple Watch Series 7 is the best Apple Watch you can buy.

Another tech brand comes in second, with Samsung getting 959,400 searches per month. The company released its first smartwatch the ‘Galaxy Gear’ in 2013, beating Apple by a couple of years. 

In third is the first traditional watch brand, Rolex, with 707,000 Google searches per month. The company was founded over 100 years ago and released its first watch in 1926. The ‘Oyster’ case was patented and sold as the world’s first waterproof watch. It's treuely iconic and for more information you should check our T3's guide to the best Rolex.

Following in fourth is Fossil which receives a monthly combined total of 668,000 searches. Men’s watches were searched 71,000 times per month, in comparison to the 31,000 searches the term “fossil watches for women” receives. The brand actually straddles the gap between traditional watch maker and smartwatch maker, with both types of watch for sale.

Apple Watch Series 7

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Garmin is close behind in fifth, with the brand receiving a total of 614,000 searches per month for its watches. The smartwatches feature GPS technology and are are some the best running watches you can buy today.

Casio places sixth with 488,000 searches on average per month and Michael Kors takes seventh place with 370,600 searches per month. 

G Shock follows in eighth place, receiving an average of 349,200 Google searches per month. Designed by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, the watches are sturdy and durable.

Perhaps surprisingly, Swiss watchmakers Rado take ninth place. The brand receives 322,400 searches per month for its watches. Founded in 1917, Rado has been the official timekeeper for many international tennis tournaments for nearly 20 years. 

Finally, in tenth place is Omega. Their watches receive a total of  318,200 Google searches per month. The brand’s ‘Speedmaster’ design has been worn on each one of NASA’s piloted space missions, and its ‘Seamaster’ was the chosen timepiece of James Bond.

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