The Uber of Private Jets has landed

Private cars are just so middle class

Uber is "everyone's private driver", so where's the exclusivity in that? Even its "Lux" tier is disappointingly affordable for the average Joe. Today's fat cats require something more elite. Luckily Victor is here.

Ever found yourself stranded in London when you really need to be in Madrid? Uber certainly won't take you there, but now you can book a private jet for yourself and up to 18 of your Tom Ford-suited pals.

Sure it's not cheap - prices to Madrid when we looked started at a cool £6,949 one way - but you're going to be travelling in style. Plus we could be on the plane within two hours. It's not the five minute wait we're used to with Uber, but for a European flight that's still pretty snappy.

Apple only

The Victor app is currently only available on iOS - they obviously don't want any of the Android riff raff on board - and while the 128GB Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus isn't a requirement, we're pretty sure it'll help you fit in.

Victor puts over 7,000 private jets at your fingertips, with access to over 40,000 airports worldwide, meaning you'll be able to reach all the elitist hotspots using just your humble smartphone. You might want to have a word with your bank manager before stepping on board though.

Some more example flight costs:

  • Day return to Edinburgh in a Citation Mustang: £4,200
  • One Way to Ibiza or Mallorca in a Citation CJ2/3: £8,900
  • One way to Teterboro New York in a Gulfstream IV: £39,000