The Salomon Dancehaul is fun, flexy, and one of the top freeride snowboards around

Looking for a board which will take you from the piste to the park but which doesn’t cost the earth? Say hello to the Salomon Dancehaul

Salomon Dancehaul
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Prepare to party, because Salomon’s Dancehaul isn’t just a board with a brilliant price tag. It’s a fun, flexy unisex board which has Salomon’s famous 'rockout camber' profile, which basically means it’s flat between the feet, cambered (raised) beneath the feet and has a heavily rockered (upturned) nose and tail. This is Salomon’s most popular snowboard profile, and one of the best snowboards anywhere. It’s one which suits a wide range of riding styles and skill levels. The board’s tapered shape aids float by preventing the rear end sinking into the snow, and its overall wider surface area gives it a brilliant feeling of stability.

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This extra stability is the reason riders will probably need to downsize from their regular board – the Dancehaul is designed to be ridden at a shorter size, thereby making the most of its shape, and increasing float while enhancing maneuverability. Another standout feature is the Popster Core, which relies on strategic variations in the core’s thickness to improve the board’s flex and make it easier for riders to bust out quick, short turns.

best snowboard: Salomon Dancehaul

(Image credit: Salomon)

For many snowboarders, this will be the Dancehaul’s biggest selling point – the ease with which it will turn, whether in deep powder, on icy pistes or on end-of-day slush — and the effortless way it picks up speed without any hint of instability. This effortless nippiness is aided by its sintered base (manufactured by crushing polyethylene pellets together under high pressure, rather than melting them) which allows for maximum wax absorption. Finally, far be it from us to judge a board on its colour, but it’s hard not to be wowed by this unisex board’s sparkly gold top sheet.

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