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Australian T3 issue 212 February March
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The tech world’s best and brightest have returned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, descending on the Nevada desert like radioactive fallout. Journalists and influencers got their teeth into every possible innovation from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the latest origami screens to biometric underpants that unlock your bank account. 

To make the most of all the gorgeous gadgets currently hitting the market, we’ve dedicated the latest issue of T3 to the coolest life changing tech you can get your hands on. Whether you’re looking for fetching phones, stunning speakers or bewitching wearables, we’ve brought you the most beguiling gear out there. 

Feeling of a more practical bent? There’s still plenty for you. Our roundup of MacBook alternatives will help Windows users crush their productivity goals, while our guide to next-gen EVs will have you salivating at these incredible vehicles.

Ben Mansill
Australian T3 editor

Ben's been a tech editor since 1994, so he understands with some well-accumulated perspective just what makes gear good. Ben has launched a few magazines in his time, including the legendary PC PowerPlay and Atomic mags. As well as being the Australian T3 editor, Ben also puts together an issue of APC magazine every month. It's the second longest-running PC mag in the world. Fact. He's a PC gamer and sim racing enthusiast and hasn't owned a console since the Sega Megadrive.