The MirraViz MultiView Display System is the revolution in local multiplayer you've been waiting for

Yep, the technology is clearly made by wizards

MirraViz MultiView Display System

It was featured as an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2018, and there is a darn good reason why. That's because the MirraViz MultiView Display System allows one screen to show multiple video sources at one time, with each feed using the whole screen and playing concurrently.

Sounds like magic, right? Well, it is in fact pure technological fact. Watch the below video and prepare to be amazed!

The MirraViz MultiView Screen works thanks to two or more DLP projectors which layer images on top of one another. These projectors utilise the company's patented 'Directed Photon Technology', which turns display physics upside down by directing photons from the screen to a specific viewer's location, thereby making it visible to them but not others who may be sat a different locations.

Check out the video below to see the potential benefits of this technology when playing multiplayer video games.

It reminds us here at of Sony's 2011 PlayStation TV 3D, a 24-inch LED HD 3D display enhanced with SimulView technology which delivered individual full screen action in two-player mode. In that case though the gamers had to wear glasses.

In this case though, with the MirraViz MultiView Screen, gamers can play without glasses, and most of all they can do it on a bigger screens, as these projectors can work on displays up to 97 inches.

Today the TV market is still hovering around the 42 to 60-inch mark in terms of average size, so to have the ability to watch your favourite shows, or play your favourite games co-cooperatively on a 97-inch screen is incredibly tantalising. One person could even be watching a film, while the other is playing a game, like in the video below.

MirraViz screens start at $699 for 55" inches up to 94" inches at $1299, while gaming-orientated setups like the one depicted above retail for $3,199 at 74" and up. For more information about the MirraViz MultiView Display System then head on over to its official webpage.

Dr Marco Zangirolami

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