The Life Fitness G7 is our favourite multi-gym for an all-round body workout at home

The big, the bold and the multi-functional, all in one

Life Fitness G7 multi gym home gym
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One big issue with home gym equipment in general – compared to the ones found in commercial gyms – is that you always have to compromise on something. It might not be as sturdy or it might lack certain features, but there is usually something missing.

We have a roundup of the best home gym machines and as you can see for yourself, most of the machines on the list compromise on something, even if just a little bit. The one that fits the bill almost perfectly is not surprisingly the multi-gym at the top of the list, and that's the Life Fitness G7 multi gym.

Life Fitness G7 multi-gym home-gym

(Image credit: Life Fitness)

Train all your muscles at home with the Life Fitness G7 home gym

The Life Fitness G7 looks and feels like a commercial multi-workout machine. It is well-built and comes with an adjustable pulley system we are all familiar with from the gym. Thanks to the 20 different positions available for the pulleys, it is perfect for all heights and exercises. Choose a higher slot for face pulls, triceps pushdowns or cable crunches and a lower one for working out on your glutes or hamstrings.

Buy an adjustable bench to go with it and there isn't really an exercise you can't perform with this one machine. Chest flyers, bench presses or even lat pulldowns can all be performed on the Life Fitness G7. With a 73 kg weight stack on each side, you won't be needing an upgrade from the G7 anytime soon.

It also comes with multi-position pull up/chin up bars at the front, adding an extra item to the already admirable roster of exercises you can perform on the Life Fitness G7 multi-gym.

Life Fitness G7 multi-gym home-gym

(Image credit: Life Fitness)

If we wanted to split hairs here we could say that the Life Fitness G7 is on the heavy side but then again, it needs to be heavy in order function properly. It might take up a considerable amount of space but it's not like you will keep this multi-gym in the middle of the living room. As you're more likely to have it in the spare room or converted garage or loft it being larger and heavier doesn't really matter.

The cable pulley system and the multi-position pull up bars are a big plus to this already excellent home gym. It is not a cheap piece of equipment but you only have to buy it once and you are not likely to need another one ever again. So there is that.

Check out the best prices for the Life Fitness G7 multi-gym below.

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