The Jabra Sport Pace targets the British winter

New headset has been designed to US military standards and is released alongside the Halo Fusion Wireless and tiny Jabra Eclipse.

If you're looking out for a new pair of headphones to take out on your daily run, the Jabra Sport Pace provides the perfect foil against the Great British winter.

Designed with US military standards and the IP54 standard in mind, the wireless headset is designed to stand firm against any conditions whether it be rain, sleet, snow or just plain mud, sweat and tears.

Weighing in at just 21g, the reflective headband is light and provides extra visibility on dingy runs and if you ever run out of juice just before a run it has a rapid charge setting for 15 minutes that provides an hour of use. On a full charge it lasts for five hours.

Available from the end of October for £79.99, it comes in yellow, red and blue, and the on-board Sport button gives on-demand updates by working in conjunction with the Jabra Sport Life app.

Being that it is IFA week, Jabra didn't stop at the one headset and the Halo Fusion Wireless is designed for those constantly on the move that want the ability to switch between calls and music on the fly.

With 6.5 hours of battery life, the Jabra easy pairing tech offers a seamless experience and allows the headset to be paired with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and up to eight devices in total can be paired. That one comes out in the middle of November and is priced at £39.99.

Jabra also has a treat in store for those that find the 21g weight of the first two headsets too much, in the shape of the Jabra Eclipse. Billed as Jabra's lightest ever Bluetooth headset, it weighs just 5.5g and the EarGels design fits so snugly into your ear that you'll probably forget its even there.

Background noise is banished by the sheer design of the device and the HD voice tech plus music-grade speaker technology means that the sound quality is some of the best around. The nifty carry case doubles up as a portable charger and provides seven hours talk time in addition to the three hours that the headset brings.

Retailing at £99.99, the black version is out at the end of September and a white colour-way will follow a month later.