iPhone 15 could take a huge weight off my mind

Pockets everywhere rejoice!

iPhone 15 dummies
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There's something weighing heavily on me. Not a secret or worry but my phone. Phones these days are much larger and heavier than even just a few years ago. Sure we still have a few champions competing to be the best small phones but they are few and far between. That's why the iPhone 15 has piqued my interest. 

Recent rumours from established leaker Ming-Chi Kuo have suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro will be lighter than its predecessor. This is largely thought to be because of the rumoured switch to a titanium build away from the beautiful (but heavier) stainless steel frame of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Let me clarify. Apple's current flagship is undoubtedly one of the best phones out there, but it weighs 240g (8.47oz). while that isn't exactly like going to the gym every time you pick it up, it does make it a pain in the pockets, especially considering its bulky size. Hopefully, the upcoming Apple event on the 12th of September will be to my liking. 

With the iPhone SE seemingly gone the way of the Dodo my only hopes for a lightweight iPhone rest with the flagship models. Titanium is reportedly around 45% lighter than steel but unfortunately, that doesn't mean the iPhone 15 will be 45% lighter. Not all of the components on an iPhone are made of metal (e.g. the screen) but it should still be a noticeable drop in heft. 

iPhone 15 pro alleged hands-on images

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We do live in an era of heavy handsets, the original iPhone weighed in at 135g (4.8oz), almost half the 14 Pro Max. But in a world where TVs, laptops and even games consoles (with the Switch, Steam Deck and Rog Ally) are becoming more svelte and portable, why are mobile phones getting less mobile? Consider this my rallying cry to stop people like me from living in fear of forgetting to wear a belt. 

In terms of what else we can expect from the iPhone 15, there is also rumoured to be  a first-ever iPhone periscope lens which would dramatically improve the camera zoom and of course, the long-awaited switch to USB-C charging

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