The Google Pixel 8 could have mind-blowing battery life

The Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro have just been announced and the battery performance sounds incredible

Google Pixel
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If you're the type to break out in a cold sweat whenever you go an hour without a phone charger, the newly announced Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro could be the perfect phones for you. 

That's because, as mentioned in their unveiling, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro can last for longer than 24 hours, in fact with careful management in their "Extreme Battery Saver" mode, you can go three days without charging. Three days! 

The battery capacity of the Pixel Pro has only increased marginally, from 5000mAh to 5050mAh but it is the baby model that has had the biggest upgrade, with the capacity leaping from 4355mAh to 4575mAh, how Google can get such a big battery in such a small phone is beyond me. With both also utilising the new Tensor G3 chips, the result is a pair of phones that should last and last. 

Google Pixel

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Something that has long been a concern of mine about the Pixel range is charging speed, but it seems that they've been listening to my ravings. Charging is still limited to around 30W but you will be able to reach 50% battery in around half an hour's wired charging, with either Pixel 8 or the Pixel 8 Pro. That's music to my ears and should undoubtedly help put them in the running for the best Android phone.

I'm particularly excited about this upgrade on the standard Pixel 8. As a lover of the best small phones, having a cutting-edge device powered by Google itself that's less than 6 inches big is a dream come true. Until the day that they bring back the iPhone Mini (and even then), it might be the best small phone full stop. 

We'll bring you our review of the Google Pixel 8 Pro as soon as we can. 

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