The DJI OM 5 combines a steady cam and a selfie stick

The latest DJI Osmo model makes it easier to produce pro-quality video and great selfies

(Image credit: DJI)

The DJI OM 5 is the latest version of the company’s stabilizing gimbals for smartphones. It uses three-axis stabilization to provide a smooth and steady shot for both photos and video. While you can buy some all-in-one options from this brand (see our DJI Pocket 2 review and DJI Action 2 review for more on its dedicated vlogging cam and action cam respectively), the OM is built to work with your smartphone. 

Replacing the DJI OM 4, the new OM5 is slightly smaller and almost 25% lighter, weighing just 290g (10.2oz), and it'll work with just about any smartphone. The biggest update though is its new built-in extension rod and extends 215mm (8.5 inches). Or in other words, a selfie stick.

Wider camera lenses and almost global disapproval of the devices – let alone the safety issues – have largely seen selfie sticks disappear. So, the fact that DJI is bringing it back in this device will horrify some. But while the outstretched arm is a practiced art, it’s the biggest cause of shaky shots.


(Image credit: DJI)

So actually, if you must take a selfie, doing so from a stabilized selfie stick is likely to give you the best result. Not only will the distance make you look better than a distorted wide-angle lens, but the gimbal will hold your phone stable for a clearer image, even at night.

The ActiveTrack 4.0 on the OM 5 is also updated from version 3.0 on the OM 4, allowing you to better track subjects moving in the frame with a single tap. It also introduces new ShotGuides that provide tips and guidance based on the scene you are shooting, helping you to achieve more professional results.

Other features such as the magnetic phone attachment, tripod stand, panorama and video modes remain the same. The DJI Osmo OM 5 is available now from the DJI store in a choice of Athens gray and Sunset White, priced $159/£139/AU$239.

Mat Gallagher

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