The best Amazon Echo Studio Black Friday deals of the day

Find the best Amazon Echo Studio smart speaker deals for Black Friday

Amazon Echo Studio Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon makes a lot of different kind of cheap Echo smart devices but it's the high-end range that wins the prices. Case in point: the Echo Studio, one of the strongest, room-filling smart speakers we've ever come across, powered by Alexa (naturally), which currently has some good Black Friday deals.

What sets the Echo Studio apart, from both the other Echo devices and rivals, is the five separate speakers Amazon has managed to cram into the sleek and attractive body. These speakers, working in tandem, produce crisp, bass-rich sonics that will adapt to any room size and shape automatically, ensuring it sounds good no matter where it's placed.

Besides 3D audio, Alexa is on hand to power your smart home and life, easily setting calendar events, controlling other tech (like smart bulbs or thermostat), messaging friends, suggesting recipes, playing the radio, and whatever else. The list is infinite and growing everyday. 

If you already have an Amazon Fire Stick, the Echo Studio will seamlessly connect to it, offering an instantaneously perfect TV setup without any faff. 

Having premium, room-filling sound can often carry a high price, but the Echo Studio shows otherwise, especially with the forthcoming Black Friday discounts Amazon is so famous for.


Max Slater-Robins

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