Tesla adds six more Superchargers to its UK network

Three in London and others in Reading, Bristol and Edinburgh

Tesla has expanded its UK network of Superchargers with the opening of six more stations.

The electric car-maker has just opened three more stations in London, based in Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and the Westfield White City shopping centre.

That's on top of the capital's previous stations at Portman Square and the Royal Victoria Docks.

The other three new stations have popped up in Reading, Bristol and Edinburgh

For anyone wondering what Superchargers are, they are basically free charging stations for Tesla car owners.

They can juice the Model S battery up to half in just 20 minutes, or rather a 170-mile range after 30 minutes.

Tesla aims to complete the UK network enough within six months so drivers can travel across one end of the country to another using just Superchargers.

This week Tesla also opened up a new showroom in the UK. Based in Birmingham, it's complete with a Model S design studio, four-bay service area and delivery bay.

The car manufacturer also plans to open more showrooms in Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

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