Tentsile Connect Tree Tent floats so you can sleep in mid-air

Is this the ultimate Instagram-worthy camping tent?

Tentsile backpacking camping tent
(Image credit: Tentsile, Linked Ring Photography)

Fancy camping among the trees? Or how about suspended above a beautiful stream or pool? If you’re bored of standard tents, a life arboreal might just be the thing for you, and the stunning Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is just the tent to do it with.

Not only is it the ultimate instagram-friendly camping accessory, it’s a clever backpacking and hiking tent for adventurers. Essentially a cross between an oversized camping hammock and a backpacking tent, the Tentsile Tree Connect can be pitched at any height (given three suitable trees as anchor points) and gives a highly comfortable, sprung mattress-style sleeping experience. 

The Tentsile Connect Tree Tent in jade anchored between three tree trunks so that it appears to be floating above the ground in a woods

(Image credit: Tentsile)

With a built-in flysheet you’ll be safe from the midges, but entertained by an unparalleled view of the stars. The robust flysheet should keep the worst of the weather outside, even if the heavens open. 

Being off the ground means that insects and animals are kept at bay too – there’s even a ladder accessory if you want to get really up high. 

There are a range of sizes to suit everyone, from solo adventurers, couples and friends, right up to the Trilogy Super Tent, which connects three Connect Tree Tents together into a massive tree-house for six people.

A four-season tent for backpacking and camping

The Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is four-season rated and much warmer than traditional tents as you’re already off the cold ground. Although in high winds that can be a bit of a trade-off. However, when faced with camping on uneven and wet ground, this air-dwelling tent offers the easiest way for you to stay dry and warm. 

With an extensive range of internal pockets for storage, a two-metre long bed and even a tablet holder for alfresco box-set bingeing, this suspended home will not only look awesome, but keep you feeling well-rested into the bargain. 

Pitched on the shores of a small lake or loch, and lit by a camping lantern as dust falls, the Tentsile Tree Connect is brings photogenic glamping to the wildest places on earth.

Mark Mayne

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