Tech Today: iCloud and iOS 5 launch today, Nintendo hacked

Plus: Biggest E3 ever kicks-off, Milestone 3 leaked

Monday is set to be one of the busiest days the tech world has seen in years. Here's what's coming your way.

Mega Monday could change the tech world
It's a pretty big day today, tech fans. By the close of play we'll know all about Apple's iCloud and iOS 5 bringing to a close months of speculation, and a few hundred miles down the road from Apple, in Los Angeles, the E3 gaming expo kicks off, with launches from all of the Big Three expected over the next few days.
Link: T3 WWDC Liveblog

Speaking of iCloud...
...More and more details are emerging ahead of the launch. Unconfirmed reports from Cult of Mac suggest that the service will be heavily tied to the Apple Time Capsule back-up system that currently keeps the data of some Apple users safe and sound. So instead of being stored on Apple's servers, your music could be stored on your Time Capsule. We'll see for sure tomorrow.
Link: Cult of Mac


of theDay | 4od Catch-up
4od arrives on iPad, and what's more the on-demand service is currently free!
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Nintendo now victim of hacking spree
It's all getting a bit worrying this hacking lark, isn't it? Nintendo the latest victim after the LulzSec published a "server configuration file" from a supposedly secure Nintendo network. The group said it didn't mean any harm, but was just pointing out the weakness to prove a point in the hope that Nintendo would shore up its defenses.
Link: Guardian

Facebook mistake leads to party chaos
Here's a reminder for everyone who advertises their birthday get together using Facebook: Set the event to private. A German teenager didn't, and 1,600 people showed up for the do at her parents' house in Hamburg. Cops, who arrived to scenes of fiery chaos, say that this "might be the largest unorganised birthday party ever."
Link: Reuters

Motorola Milestone 3 leaked in online video
In a training video that looks like its been made for someone who's never held a smartphone before, the Motorola Milestone 3 has emerged. Known as the Droid 3 in the US, it'll apparently boast a five-row slide out-keyboard, an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video recording. Check out the video below.
Link: Mashable