Taskmaster VR is the Meta Quest 3 game I've been waiting for

I can be a contestant on Taskmaster at last!

Taskmaster VR
(Image credit: Scallywag Arcade)

I am a huge fan of the Channel 4 show Taskmaster (have been ever since its debut on Dave) and also a big believer that the Meta Quest 3 is a real game changer. Now those two things are set to collide and I couldn't be happier.

Taskmaster VR will finally allow me to live my dream of being a contestant on the show and undertake seemingly stupid tasks from the comfort of my own home. Even better is that it'll star the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, and the show's creator "Little" Alex Horne.

That means playing it could feel like the real deal. Even the studio setting has been recreated to put you in the shoes of a real contestant. And, you won't even have to spend years of travelling the country on the comedy circuit and dying on stage in front of a crowd in Doncaster beforehand. Win-win.

Developed by Scallywag Arcade, the game is mainly set in the Taskmaster house and you'll get to drop, grab, poke, prod and throw items to complete tasks set by Horne. You will then be judged afterwards by the Taskmaster, Davies.

If you score big during the challenges throughout several episodes, you can end up being crowned the series champion and win the iconic Taskmaster's head trophy. Surely this is what the Meta Quest VR headset was made for?

In all honesty, I just get excited by the opening music, so cannot wait to get my hands on the final game.

And then I'll be able to stalk the superb Alex Horne without needing to attend the turning on of the Chesham Christmas lights this year.

Taskmaster VR is available to wishlist on Steam right now, although there's no actual release date yet – it's just listed as "coming soon". You will also be able to wishlist it on the Meta store, although the link isn't live yet. Check out Scallywag's website for more details.

In the meantime, I'm going to prepare by buying a job lot of rubber ducks and see how many I can throw into an effigy of a clown's face. Oh, and remember... always look under the table first!

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