Take a look at this 53 BILLION pixel image of the Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase

Zoom from 700 metres into the leather stitching on the seats

It's a cold, wet day in London. I'm on a packed Routemaster heading towards Bond Street. The woman next to me splutters into a handkerchief every 30 seconds. But it's okay, becauseI'm about to travel around London in a very different way - chauffeured in the rear seats of a Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase - Bentley's latest luxury whip.

Once inside the Bentley it's difficult to remember what travelling on the bus is like.

The car has been extended by 25 cm, providing more leg room for the rear passengers. The added length also makes way for airline-style fully reclining seats covered in sumptuous leather (with little cushions for your back).

There's no plastic anywhere, and the car is packed with technology, from elegantly hidden screens running Android, to a hidden champagnecompartment, Wi-Fi, and an app which lets you control certain functions of the car remotely.

Zoomed Out:

Waiting for me inside the car was an iPad Pro with a Gigapixel image of the Bentley loaded on it.

The image was created using technology originally developed by NASA, made up from 700 individual images stitched together to make one MASSIVE image.

It's 53 billion pixels (that's 53,000 megapixels) large, allowing you to zoom in from 700 metres out, right into the stitches on the passenger seat. Pretty impressive, right?

Zoomed In:

You can play around with the image on Bentley's site.