Tado X smart thermostats have Matter support and a new display – but there’s a catch

Tado launches X smart heating collection with added Matter support

Tado X
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Tado has just launched a new smart heating collection, Tado X. Featuring five new heating products, Tado X has added Matter support, a better user-friendly display and is the first to run natively on a Thread mesh network.

The Tado X range is available to buy now in most European countries with prices starting from €99.99. 

German smart home company, Tado or tado° has just launched a new range of smart heating products. The Tado X collection features five new products, all of which support the Matter smart home protocol and are the first to run natively on a Thread mesh network.

Since its inception in 2011, Tado has been rated highly for its collection of best smart thermostats, and its new X range is sure to have the same impact. With added Matter support, Tado X is one of the first smart heating control systems to support the protocol, joining the likes of Nest (see Nest vs Hive vs Tado for more details).

Alongside its new Matter support, the Tado X series will be the first of its kind to run natively on a Thread mesh network. Designed to improve the communication between devices from multiple ecosystems, the two thermostats and temperature sensor – more on the full collection below – are also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home.

Like Tado’s previous smart heating products, the Tado X collection is designed to replace traditional heating elements like thermostats and radiators, to make them easier to manage and to help you save on your monthly bills. The Tado X series features the Thermostat X, the Smart Radiator Thermostat X, the Heat Pump Optimiser X, the Wireless Temperature Sensor X and the Bridge X.

All Tado X products can be used together and connect to the Tado app for easy control, management and scheduling. Tado has also upgraded its X series with a better display that’s more user-friendly than before. While the Bridge X is an optional product to buy from the collection, it acts as a Thread border router for homes without one, so it can come in handy for these types of homes.

Tado X

(Image credit: Tado)

But there’s a slight catch with the new Tado X series which might affect some customers more than others. On the Tado website, it states that the Tado X range isn’t compatible with other Tado collections, so if you already have a Tado device like the Tado Smart Thermostat, they won’t work together as they use different platforms. Additionally, Tado X can’t be used on the same account as earlier Tado products.

For UK customers, you might also be disappointed to find that the Tado X series isn’t yet available. Prices on the Tado X range start at €99.99 and are available to buy in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, so the UK and other countries may have to wait a while.

Many of Tado’s best app features can only be asked with a subscription, but with the new Tado X range, the brand is offering Auto-Assist for free for 12 months.

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