Welcome to the brand-new T3.com!

T3 has a new responsive site that looks amazing on your device, regardless of screen size

It's a brave new world dear readers, but the new t3.com is now live thank you all for bearing with us. You'll notice a host of exciting changes to the site, all focussed on giving you bigger, better and faster access to the tech stories you love.

Firstly, we've got a fantastic new responsive mobile site that delivers the best experience possible on any screensize, no more pinching and zooming!

Whether you are browsing on an iPad, Galaxy Note 4 or any manner of generic Android devices the site will now adapt seamlessly as you browse.

But that's not all folks – this is but a taster of what is to come over the next few weeks, a process that we hope you will enjoy the fruits of for years to come. Over the next few weeks there will be more gradual tweaks and fettling which we believe will give you the best tech site in the land.

We'd love to hear what you think, so please get in touch via the comments below, or Facebook and Twitter. All suggestions, improvements you've spotted are very welcome indeed.

Even if it's just about bugs you have seen, let us know and we will splat them as quickly as we can. Enjoy!

Mark Mayne

Mark Mayne has been covering tech, gadgets and outdoor innovation for longer than he can remember. A keen climber, mountaineer and scuba diver, he is also a dedicated weather enthusiast and flapjack consumption expert.