T3 Awards 2020: Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro bags Best Gaming Accessory

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro wins T3's Best Gaming Keyboard Award – sponsored by ExpressVPN

T3 Awards 2020 Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro gaming accessory
(Image credit: Nacon)

How you interact with your video game console of choice absolutely cannot be understated in terms of gaming enjoyment. A poor controller can, no matter how impressive the game or console's pixel-pushing hardware, drag down a gaming experience.

Poor ergonomics can lead to hand cramp and controller slippage, while imprecise sticks and buttons can oh so quickly lead to in-game failure. When the going gets tough, and the palms are sweaty, the last thing a gamer needs is their controller letting them down.

Which is why, after an incredibly tough and close judging process, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller has won the T3 Awards 2020 Best Gaming Accessory Award. It takes home the award as, simply put, it was the best, most technologically advanced console controller our judges had ever seen.

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro's quality saw it beat off a host of super strong opposition, too, including the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, HTC Vive Cosmos, Archer TX3000E, Marseille mClassic and WD-Black D10.

In our Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review we said it was "the best PS4 controller ever made" and that it was so advanced it was a "PS5 controller in all but name" and a "stunning, feature-packed gaming weapon".

We reserved especial praise for the controller's first rate build quality, A+ ergonomics, responsive and super accurate buttons, impressive customisation and absolutely dynamite aesthetics. We proceeded to bestow a maximum score of 5 stars on the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro.

For all these reasons and more, we are therefore happy to announce that the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro is the winner of the T3 Awards 2020 Best Gaming Accessory Award.

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