T3 Agenda: Vifa's stylish Oslo Wireless Speaker goes loud. Ubtech Stormtrooper robot marches in. And more!

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In the final T3 Agenda of the week - bring some noise (and a dash of style) to the party with Vifa's new Oslo wireless speaker; show your allegiance to the First Order (just in time for Christmas) with Ubtech Robotics' Stormtrooper robot; and more...

Add a little Nordic style to your tunes with the Oslo Wireless Speaker By Vifa

Danish electronics firm Vifa continues to showcase its Nordic roots with a new loudspeaker design that looks as cool as it sounds. The Oslo wireless speaker features a specially-designed textile cover from fellow Danish textile outfit Kvadrat, giving the loudspeaker a genuinely groomed look. 

Couple that with a solid aluminum frame beneath and you've got a robust yet smooth-looking speaker you can use at home or away. Colorwise, Oslo is available in a range of timeless shades: Sunset Red, Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey, and Pebble Grey. You can order one today direct from Vifa for €399 (£355).

Be the First to Order Ubtech Robotics' new Stormtrooper bot

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi a mere two months away, robotics specialist Ubtech has unveiled a new Stormtrooper robot that's bound to get every child and manchild in the country exploding with excitement.

Designed to look like a New Order Stormtrooper, the pint-sized lil' bot can recognise its owner via face recognition biometrics (and some clever AR tech), and can be be sent out on patrol duty while you're away at school (or work, we're not judging). There's an interactive app to help you crush the Resistance. The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by Ubtech retails for £299.95 and is available for pre-order at starwars.ubtrobot.com.

Create your own festival vibes with the powerful (and wireless) Soundboks 2 speaker

Soundboks' imaginatively named speaker - the Soundbok - is back with... the Soundbok 2! The rugged, all-weather speaker has been given a second gen update, including 122 dB of audio oomph that's perfect for use in the back garden or out and about in a festival field.

With 40 hours of play on a single charge, the Soundboks 2 should get you through a weekends partying, and with a shockproof casing and the ability to withstand temperatures of -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F), you're unlikely to push this speaker to its limit. You can order one today, direct from Soundboks for only $899 (£676).

Watch this: See how Gillette designs razors for the superheroes of the Justice League

Since its Friday and we're about ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend, how about a silly video from Gillette on how its designed its new Justice League-themed range of razors?

The ad, called (obviously) 'The Best A Super Hero Can Get', sees a tongue-in-cheek R&D facility trying to work out how to build a razor that can shave The Flash, Batman and the rest of the JL without breaking/rusting/melting. Like we said, it's really silly - and how they missed referencing Henry Cavill's CGI'd-out 'tache, we'll never know - but it's dumb fun all the same. Check it out below.

Order new tabs for you Siemens dishwasher in a Dash with Amazon

Sick of running out of dishwasher tabs at the worst possible time? Well, you'll be pleased to learn that Amazon Dash Replenishment integration with the Siemens dishwasher tab counter feature will make last-minute trip to the shops a thing of the past. 

Simply activate Dash Replenishment when setting up your dishwasher in the Home Connect app to enable automatic reordering of dishwasher detergent tablets via your Amazon account when you’re running low. Now you’ll never run out of dishwasher tablets when you need them. Siemens has also announced new Amazon Alexa integration, so you can even interact with some of your home appliances with voice control, too. What a world, eh?

Get ready for those cold winter rides with Le Col's AW17 cycling apparel range

Premium cycling apparel brand Le Col has launched a new range of riding clothes that are perfect for long two-wheeled trips in the colder winter months, including a sophisticated new riding jacket - the HC Jacket.

The HC Jacket features six different fabrics (including Kevlar protection, naturally), complex wind- and water-proofing elements and bespoke reflective panelling. It's available in both men's and women's designs and retails for a cool £300. The AW17 range also includes the Therma Jersey, Gilet, Bibs, HC Bib Tights and Aqua Zero Long Sleeve Jersey - you can browse and shop for them all here direct from Le Col.

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