T3 Agenda: TalkTalk's new Kids TV Remote; water boiled quick with the Quooker Flex. And more!

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In today's Thursday edition of the T3 Agenda - give the small people in your life a  TV remote made just for them with the TalkTalk TV Remote; boil water instantly with the Quooker Flex; and more!

The TalkTalk Kids TV Remote gives your little ones a safe way to surf channels

TalkTalk TV has just announced the launch of the first ever bespoke TV remote for kids. According to the firm its been, "designed by kids for kids," and allows for easy navigation with features such as omni-directional infrared, meaning the remote works whatever direction it’s pointed in.

Once the remote is pressed, it instantly locks children into a new Kids Zone, where they can scroll through and select on-demand episodes of kids shows, meaning parents are able to hide shows they don’t want their child watching, and also set scheduled viewing hours.

The TalkTalk TV Kids Remote has a one-off cost of £5 (batteries included) and the Kids TV Boost is available on a rolling contract for £5 a month.

Boil a water in an instant with the Quooker Flex

New from Quooker, the inventors of the 100°C boiling water tap, comes another innovative kitchen tap design - the Quooker Flex. This multi-function three temperature boiling water tap has an innovative added fourth function, a pull-out flex hose for delivery of warm and cold water with total accuracy. It can even deliver cold filtered water for drinking, via an integrated water filter.

A single push and turn will engage the water filter for cold filtered drinking water, while a second push will activate the boiling function. There's even an LED that'll use a blue or red light to let you know if it's cold or hot.

The Quooker Flex is available in the distinctive modern Nordic Round design and comes in a choice of polished chrome or stainless steel.  Prices start at £1,150.

D-Link is looking to take a swing at the 'ultimate gaming router' crown with the release of the DIR-895L, a powerhouse router that supports 4K streaming, tri-band performance and Smart Connect technology for an optimised, fast, and high-quality gaming experience. 

That 'Smart Connect' moniker basically means that the router automatically selects one of the three Wi-Fi bands on offer, based on the usage desired for the unique activity, leaving the other two bands uninterrupted. This ensures that you can enjoy fast, lag-free gameplay, while the rest of your family/housemates can continue to use the home network for their usual browsing activity.

The D-Link DIR-895L will be available shortly with a price tag of £272.49.

Samsung and Live Nation to stream Coldplay live... in VR

Samsung and Live Nation will teaming up later this month to broadcast Coldplay’s current 'A Head Full of Dreams Tour' live in virtual reality, direct from Chicago’s Soldier Field for the first time ever. 

Gear VR users in more than 50 countries will be able to experience the band's performance for free. To tune-in, consumers will simply need a Gear VR headset with a compatible Samsung smartphone, and navigate to the Samsung VR service. A concert replay will also be available on Samsung VR for a limited time.  

The live broadcast will be available on Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus through the Samsung VR service on August 17, starting at 2:30 pm GMT.

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