T3 Agenda: Flexson's new illuminated Sonos speaker stand, MiTAC's brand new Mio MiVue Drive series and more

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In the first T3 Agenda of the week, we brighten up our lives with Flexson's new charging stand for your Sonos speaker, a tech showcase at Metropolis Studios at the end of March and the Mio MiVue Drive series...

Light up your life with the Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand for SONOS PLAY:1

Flexson the maker of accessories for Sonos audio products, has just unveiled the Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand for Sonos Play:1, which enables you to combine music, power and light in one stylish package.

It's an ideal addition for bedrooms, kitchens, the office and beyond, with the Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand securely holding your Sonos Play:1 speaker, while also offering dual USB power outlets (a great fit for charging your smartphone, tablet, wearables, e-readers and more). It's light has a dimmer option and even comes with touch-sensitive controls.

The Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand for Sonos Play:1 is available now in black or white for only £49.99.

The biggest names in audio tech set to showcase their latest tech at Metropolis Studios, London

The world’s biggest audio brands will be showing how consumers can upgrade the sound quality from smart devices, gaming consoles, laptops , desktops and more, at the UK’s leading portable audio experience. The event, known as 'headroom', is set to place at the famous Metropolis Studios in London at the end of the month (Friday 24 Saturday to 25th March 2017), where entry starts at just £10.

Backed by the UK’s biggest high-quality headphone retailer, audiosanctuary.co.uk, the experience gives consumers valuable audition time with an unrivalled number of headphones and portable audio devices, across a range of price points right up to £50K!

The venue itself has been used by everyone from Adele and U2 to the late Michael Jackson, so just be there is a pretty rad opportunity for an avid music lover.

The Mio MiVue Drive series combines a satnav and a dash-cam in one package

Taiwanese electronics firm MiTAC has just announced the Mio MiVue Drive series, a range of in-vehicle devices designed to seamlessly integrate car navigation with quality dash cam recording, all in one handy dashboard-mounted device.

The powerful range includes the Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM, 60 LM, 55 LM, 50 LM and 65 LM Truck are equipped with Extreme HD (1296p), or Full HD (1080p) video recording as a minimum, and an advanced glass lens which lets more light in. The F1.8 aperture and 140-degree wide angle view, results in brighter, clearer footage in any conditions. 

These features combine with Mio’s own car navigation software (with Lifetime Safety Camera and Map Updates content) to create one of the most intelligent devices on the road. The Mio MiVue Drive series ranges in price from £199 to £299 and is available now. 

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