T3 Agenda: Epson's new and improved smart glasses, Huawei Honor 6X debuts in the UK and more

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In this week's final edition of the T3 Agenda, we take a look through Epson's new and improved take on the Moverio smart glasses, the Huawei Honor 6X goes on sale in the UK via Three and more...

Epson's new take on its Moverio smart glasses will transform museums with augmented reality

Epson has just announced the latest version of its Moverio smart glasses. This time the BT-350 have been designed for commercial and specifically arts and culture applications. This makes the glasses perfect for use in places such as museums, using the power of augmented reality to bring to life how a dinosaur might have walked or roared, or an ancient artifact might have looked 2,000 years ago.

The BT-350 supports six hours of charge and comes with Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, Miracast and motion sensors built directly into each headset. You can even buy an additional accessory that enables you roll out updates and changes simultaneously to a group of Moverio headsets.

With a 5 megapixel stereo camera built in and an Epson Si-OLED display with a 720p HD resolution, the BT-350 could be just the device museums, art galleries and other places of culture have been crying out for to give their exhibits a new lease of life.

The Honor 6X from Huawei arrives in the UK via Three

From today, you can pick up a Huawei Honor 6X from Three on a 24-month contract for £18 per month with no up front cost. 

For an affordable handset, the Huawri is still packing some serious heat - it comes with 5.5-inch FHD screen and slim 8.2mm high-grade aluminum body and a 2.5d glass front that is both durable and scratch-resistant. There are two rear cameras and a robust 3340 mAh battery for lengthy sessions of use.

It’s 8MP front camera has a 77-degree wide angle lens, add to this a self-adaptive skin-color detection and an auto portrait touch-up software. Said rear cameras feature one at 12 MP and another 2MP Dual Rear Camera for serious high-def photography.

Meet two of the giant mechanical dinosaurs you'll be hunting/be hunted by in Horizon: Zero Dawn

It's only a few weeks before Guerrilla Games' post-Killzone project finally arrives exclusively on PS4, so to get you excited for the post-post-apocalyptic open-world Sony has released a new trailer profiling two of the mechanical dinos you're going to meet.

Say hello to the vicious Thunderjaw (shown off in its very first gameplay reveal at E3 a few years ago) and the far more docile (but no doubt still dangerous) Snapmaw.

Horizon: Dawn will arrive on PS4 on 28 February.

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