T3 Agenda: Cycle safely yet stylishly with Coros' new helmet; get coached by the Moov HR Burn and more

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements, product reveals and goings-on from the world of tech

In today's edition of the T3 Agenda, there's a new super smart cycling helmet from Coros, a powerful new fitness coaching wearable from Moov and the future of hybrid tech in trucks via Volvo...

Coros' LINX Smart Cycling Helmet enables you to answer calls, control your music and more

Are you a cyclist who wants to be able to listen to music, make calls, AND not get run over by a truck you didn't hear coming? Then the new LINX Smart Cycling Helmet from Coros is for you. 

Meeting all the necessary safety standards, it also justifies its £180 cost by packing in bone-conduction audio, which allows you to listen to music and calls, but without blocking out the world around you, and a wind-resistant mic.

You can get bone-conduction headphones already, but they can be difficult to use comfortably in conjunction with a helmet, and they don't offer the LINX's USP: a bespoke app that can send an emergency SOS message should something go wrong.

With a low-drag, aerodynamic design and cooling through an airflow vent, the LINX Smart Cycling Helmet comes with a smart remote and handlebar mount for easy control of music and call-answering. 

The Coros LINX is available from £179.99 from Amazon.

Moov makes fresh move, with strap-on, heart-tracking fitness coach the Moov HR Burn

Moov has just put the new Moov HR Burn on its website for pre-order. It's a heart-rate strap, to go with its range of fitness wearables

As well as monitoring your heart rate, it uses audio feedback to tell you what zone you're in, and to say things like "Great job!" and "Feel the burn!" 

In short, it's like Joe "The Body Coach" Wicks strapped to your chest. And we'd all like that, right ladies?

The Moov HR Burn is designed for use in high intensity interval training (HIIT), the current must-have fad for rapid calorie burning. Rather than just being held next to your skin with an elastic strap, it utilises a new suction design to keep the electric pulse sensing tech closer to the skin for optimum data.

As well as Moov's own app, you can connect it to a variety of third-party apps via Bluetooth on your phone, tablet and 'many GPS watches'. 

The Moov HR Burn ships this month, with an asking price of precisely £48.20 (it's American, you see).

Volvo's new concept is a long haul truck with a brand new hybrid powertrain

Say hello to the new and improved Volvo Concept Truck from Volvo Trucks. First unveiled in May 2016, the concept features the firms first hybrid vehicle designed for long haul applications. In combination with the vehicle’s other improvements, the total reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 is around 30%.

In addition to the improvements in aerodynamics, rolling resistance and reduced weight, the new version also features a hybrid powertrain – one of the first of its kind for heavy-duty trucks in long haul applications.

The hybrid powertrain works by recovering energy when driving downhill on slopes steeper than one per cent, or when braking. The recovered energy is stored in the vehicle’s batteries and used to power the truck in electric mode on flat roads or low gradients. The whole setup is run by a smart system that identifies the topography of the road and adds extra power where it's needed.

Check out the video below for a better view of how Volvo Trucks is trying to make hybrid tech a reality in long-haul logistics.