This bag lets you pack three suits in one neat package

The Bennett Winch Trifold is a sumptuous piece of luggage, which will keep you looking your best on your travels

The Bennett Winch Trifold in use by a person on a cobbled street
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Quick Summary

British luggage designer, Bennett Winch, has come up with a fantastic solution to keep your suits looking fresh as you travel.

Their new Trifold bag allows storage of up to three suits, with a design that minimises creasing.

If you spend a lot of time travelling, you'll know how frustrating it can be to travel with suits. Pack it into a suitcase and you risk wrinkling your jacket. Take a separate suit bag, and you'll have to cart around another unwieldy piece of luggage with a hanger sticking out the top.

Thankfully, the good folks over at Bennett Winch have come up with a solution. Their latest product – the Bennett Winch Trifold – is nifty solution to that problem. Complete with the capacity for up to three suits, the bag is both stylish and compact.

That allows users to travel light, without having to sacrifice on style.

Inside, a set of concealed magnets hold the bag in place, together with a pair of Tuscan leather retaining straps. The open sided design minimises creasing, too – great for keeping your outfits looking dapper.

It's not going to be a backbreaker, either. A military grade cotton webbing strap allows the bag to be worn over your shoulder, keeping your hands free for other things. 

Alternatively, the bag can be mounted over a suitcase handle, via a rear panel. That's great for keeping all of your luggage intertwined, and also doubles as a low-profile pocket. It's perfect for stowing a phone or your passport, keeping it at arms length.

The Bennett Winch trifold comes in three different colours – Olive, Black and Navy. The Olive is my pick of the bunch here, with the muted green hue offset by the brown leather accents evoking memories of old school Barbour jackets. It's cool and classy in spades.

Priced at £750, this certainly isn't a cheap option. But if you're the sort of person who is routinely travelling with multiple suits for your many meetings, it's a worthwhile investment. These bags are handmade in England to exceptional standards, and should comfortably outlast you or I with proper care.

In short, if you need to make sure you're always looking your absolute best, the Bennett Winch Trifold is a suit bag you should have your eye on.

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