T3 Agenda: AKG's wireless N60NC headphones. Bluesmart's smart luggage gets smarter. And more!

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In the first T3 Agenda of July, AKG finally launches the wireless audio goodness of the N60NC headphones, Bluesmart's new smart and waterproof luggage range and more...

Give your music the first class treatment with the travel-friendly N60NC wireless headphones

The latest AKG headphones are here, and these new set of cups have been designed with travellers and commuters in mind. The AKG N60NC Wireless offers Active Noise Cancellation fine-tuned for isolated listening when on the go, while packing in a  space saving 3D-Axis folding mechanism that enables you to safely slot the headphones away when needed.

The N60NC Wireless also comes with a free carry pouch so you're new travel headphones are kept sand and dirt free while on the move. In addition, the lack of wires means no tangling and fuss when packing or rushing on the go. 

You can get 15 hours of playback with both Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation turned on, and up to 30 hours of playback with just ANC turned on. So if you're in for a long-haul flight, you'll have all the power you'll need to keep those tunes flowing.

The AKG N60NC Wireless is available for purchase in black for £249.99 at selected retailers and at AKG.com.

Bluesmart's range of smart luggage just got even smarter...

Smart luggage maker Bluesmart is back with a brand new range that promises to be even more intelligent (and ruggedly designed) that the original line. The Series 2 includes the Check hold bag, Laptop Bag, Passport Pouch and Cabin carry on bag, with each one linked to the new and improved Bluesmart mobile app.

You'll never lose your luggage again thanks to in-built GPS + 3G location tracking found in the Check and Cabin models. You can track your bag anywhere in the world with a cellular connection, for free. There's also a digital auto-locking, which offers an automatic lock that activates when you move out of range. 

Along with the Cabin and Check models, the Laptop bag also offers a supercharge utility: all three possess high power inbuilt batteries to power even the newest gen laptops, reaching 100% in only 2.5 hours. The Laptop and Passport bags come with their own Bluetooth tracking feature.

The Series 2 range is now live on Indiegogo, with a full set of all four products available in an early bird bundle for $895 (£690). Shipping is set for around Novembe 2017.

Get the full 4K viewing experience for less with the new electriQ monitor

If you're looking to add a 4K display to your home PC setup, but you're worried about crippling your finances in the pursuit of Ultra HD goodness, then this new electriQ monitor might just be for you.

Available exclusively from LaptopsDirect.co.uk, the  28-inch eletriQ Freesync Monitor offers a 4K UHD Display with 4K future-proof connections (including 2 x HDMI 2.0 slots and 2 x Display ports). You even get a HDMI cable bundled in for good measure.

Create an immersive viewing experience at home with the new electriQ Freesync Monitor, which is available now via LaptopsDirect.co.uk. You can pick one up today for £199.97 (cut down from £299.97, saving you a whopping £100.00).

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