SwitchBot’s new Lock Pro has made me less nervous about smart locks

SwitchBot launches Lock Pro, a retrofit smart lock with 15 unlocking options and Matter support

The SwitchBot Lock Pro
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SwitchBot has announced the SwitchBot Lock Pro, a new retrofit smart lock. It comes with 15 different unlocking options, 9 months worth of battery life and offers Matter support when bought with the SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is available to pre-order now, and is expected to release in April 2024.

Smart home security company SwitchBot has just launched its new retrofit smart lock that’s more powerful and secure than its previous version. The SwitchBot Lock Pro has not one, not two but 15 different unlocking options, a long lasting battery life, and Matter support, thanks to an accompanying Matter hub.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro isn’t the first best smart lock from the brand. Its first smart lock, the SwitchBot Lock was received well by customers, but many felt it lacked a few security features and its battery life could have been better. It seems that SwitchBot has listened to this feedback, and has given its old smart lock some serious upgrades in the form of the SwitchBot Lock Pro.

The new SwitchBot Lock Pro is a retrofit smart lock that supports multiple lock types from different regions around the world. It’s compatible with UK, US and EU lock types, including Euro profiles, multi-point locks and double cylinder deadbolts. The installation process promises not to tamper with the original key’s functionality and it doesn’t require any drilling or damaging to the existing door or lock. 

A main concern for many when upgrading to a smart lock is the lack of key. Most smart locks don’t come with back-up keys, and many people worry that if the locks’ battery dies, they won’t be able to get into their home. SwitchBot has thought of this and has given its SwitchBot Lock Pro 15 different unlocking options.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro and the SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled on a white background

(Image credit: SwitchBot)

To lock and unlock the SwitchBot Lock Pro, homeowners can use fingerprint recognition with the Keypad Touch accessory. This unlocking method has rapid recognition, strong security measures and can store up to 100 fingerprints at a time. Alternatively, users can lock/unlock their door with passwords, voice commands, via the app on their smartphone or by tapping their Apple Watch.

Addressing the battery life concerns, SwitchBot has given the SwitchBot Lock Pro more power with its Dual Power Pack, a rechargeable battery with up to 12 months battery life. It also has a passive power supply and it can use 4 x AA batteries for up to 9 months of battery life.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro has also been given Matter support when it’s paired with the SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled accessory. The hub can be bought separately and works alongside the SwitchBot Lock Pro for seamless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is available to pre-order at SwitchBot for £139.99 / $119.99, with orders expecting to be shipped in April.

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