Supplement boring tasteless air with this flavoured Boost Oxygen

It comes with a number of supposed health benefits as well

Have you ever been breathing and thought, 'this oxygen is a little too bland, and, other then keeping me alive, what does it really do?'

Well, you're in luck, because Boost Oxygen offers supplemental oxygen containing a variety of benefits from boosting metabolism to clearer lungs.

According the the press release, "a lack of oxygen can cause a range of problems" (eventually resulting in death, we're guessing), so by increasing your oxygen levels, Boost Oxygen claims you can expect to notice "an increase in energy, focused concentration, reduced stress, calmer relaxation and a surprising support for your immune system." 

It's essentially fuel for our bodies, and while normal air is like regular unleaded, Boost Oxygen is premium unleaded.

There are five varieties of Boost Oxygen:

Beauty uses a mix of 98% Pure Oxygen with the Organic Essential Oil Aroma of Frankincense and Pink Grapefruit. It promotes deep breathing and relaxation – stimulating collagen and boosting metabolism.

Menthol-Eucalyptus is popular for soothing and coping. The stimulating aroma is said to relieve stress and mental fatigue whilst assisting mental performance and memory.

Peppermint Boost can assist in muscle growth and development. It's recommended you use it post workout to aid muscle recovery. It is also said to help mood, energy, mental activity and alertness.

Grapefruit is used for Health and Wellness, it's uplifting, soothing and clarifying and when inhaled, can reduce feelings of stress and create a positive mood and feelings of energy as well as increased mental focus.

And finally, there's Natural, which is odourless and tasteless. Boost claims athletes use it to boost energy and recovery, and improve cognitive performance. Apparently, it's also a terrific hangover cure.

Boost Oxygen is priced from £10.50 (around $14 USD) for 4 oz bottles (around 50 inhalations) or from £17.99 (around $24 USD) for 22 oz bottles (around 150 inhalations).

Available now on Boost Oxygen's website.

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