Unmissable Nectar mattress deal knocks £250/$100 off, and throws in 2 free pillows too

Plus free delivery and a full YEAR to try it out! Don't miss this offer

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Summer sales are in full swing right now, and mattress brands are getting involved too. One of the very best deals we've seen comes from Nectar. Right now you can get a massive £250 off the price of any mattress, plus 2 free pillow. Or if you live in the US, $100 off mattresses, plus 2 free pillows (not quite as good, but still worth $250 total, so not bad). Wherever you are, there's also free delivery and a full YEAR to try it out and make sure you love it. 

We think Nectar's mattresses are amongst the very best mattresses you can buy, offering excellent support and comfort. We've done the maths, and that deal takes the price of a standard double UK Nectar mattress from £699 to just £379 – which more than 45% off, when you factor the cost of those pillows in too. Bargain. 

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This 25 cm thick medium-firm memory foam mattress is designed to hug your body and stop you from overheating at night. For more big savings, head to our guide to the best cheap mattress deals.

UK Nectar mattress deal |

UK Nectar mattress deal | £250 off + two free pillows
This excellent Summer Sale deal gives you an impressive £250 discount on your climate-neutral Nectar mattress when you shop directly at Nectar Sleep. You'll also get two free Nectar pillows, worth £70. Bargain.

US Nectar mattress deal | $100 off + two free pillows
Worth $250!

US Nectar mattress deal | $100 off + two free pillows
Worth $250!
This awesome Nectar deal knocks $100 off your mattress, and chucks in two luxury pillows, worth $150. Nectar's memory foam mattress offers medium-firm support, and is designed to suit any type of bed and all kinds of sleepers.

Where Nectar really stands out from its competitors is Nectar Sleep offers an incredible 360-night trial period. The company is so confident you’ll love the mattress, you have an entire year to decide whether it’s right for you. If you think it isn’t within that time, Nectar will come and collect the mattress for free and give you a full refund. That’s pretty incredible.

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