Stunning SIM-only deal: Get unlimited 4G data FOR LIFE for £18.75 a month

Unlimited calls and unlimited text messages too

Smarty SIM-Only Deal Price Unlimited Text Data
(Image credit: Smarty / Three)

If you're perfectly happy with your current smartphone, this staggeringly good SIM-only deal is the perfect upgrade. It comes courtesy of Smarty – a virtual network operated and run by Three, which has a number of perks you won't find available from the more recognisable parent company.

The £18.75 a month SIM-only deal includes unlimited 4G mobile data, coupled with unlimited calls and unlimited text messages. That's a real luxury. It means you won't ever have to ask friends for their Wi-Fi password, or fill-out a fiddly online form in a restaurant or hotel to get access to their internet connection.

Like the Three network, Smarty doesn't ever restrict your mobile data – no matter how much you're using to stream box sets during your commute, bombard social media with your selfies, and call loved ones on WhatsApp, FaceTime and the like.

And if you're struggling to really take advantage of the unlimited offer, Smarty lets you tether your smartphone to the nearest tablet or laptop and share the 4G or 3G connection if you're short of a Wi-Fi connection.

Not yet convinced? Well, you'll be pleased to know that Smarty doesn't require you to sign-up for a long contract – it's a rolling monthly contract, so you can ditch the SIM-only plan whenever you want. Smarty will honour the deal price for as long as you keep the SIM too, so you could keep this bumper deal running for years to come.

No price rises, no hidden fees. If you wanted to, you could just keeping paying £18.25 and get unlimited 4G data for life

Unlimited everything Smarty SIM-only deal | Monthly rolling contract | Unlimited 4G data | Unlimited calls, unlimited texts | RRP: £25.00 a month | Deal price: £18.75 a month
Want to permanently avoid warnings about running out of 4G mobile data at the end of each month? Fear not, Smarty hands over unlimited data. Want to make phone calls for hours on end? No worries, you've got unlimited minutes. Prefer to rattle off texts and don't want to come up against a limit? Enjoy a unlimited text message allowance. Smarty promises no speed throttling. And you'll never have to worry about breaching your data limit ever again.View Deal

However, if you're not keen on signing-up with Smarty, parent company Three is offering a very similar deal. Three charges £20 a month for the same unlimited everything bundle. However, you can get the first six months half price – that's £10 a month, for unlimited 4G, tethering, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. The only disadvantage is that you'll have to sign-up for a marathon 24-month contract.

Below we've rounded-up some of the best SIM-only deals available right now, so you can compare with the above offer and see how it stacks up against the competition.